A wannabe pilot / web entrepeneur.

Follow my progress on how I make money online to enable me to pay for flight training to reach my true dream career, that of a commercial airline pilot.

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2.5% £100,000

The British Airways Future Pilot Program is a brilliant opportunity for those who want to get sponsored through their training. with over £100,000 training and a job with British Airways at the end, it’s really worth a lot more. No wonder the competition is so stiff. See how far I made it through the selection process.

I’m not all about the money, I have hobbies, one of my biggest is swimming. I competed in the Scottish Masters swimming series for 3 years and even won a couple of bronze medals at the British Long Course Masters. That of course is all progress. Even in my swimming I have ambitions, to beat my previous times, and right now I’m swimming faster than ever before.

And as for my photography, well just head over to glensloss.com for my astrophotography and other photographic shots on display. You can even buy yourself a copy and get it sent to your house!

  • q-iconWho is Fajja

    Fajja is a kind of anagram of Jaffa. My love of Jaffa cakes is well known! During my gaming days I came up with the nickname of Fajja, and when I needed a short URL that kinda makes sense… it seemed ideal.

  • q-iconWhat motivates me?

    Myself. I want to achieve everything I can, ultimately, I wasn’t to be running a series of websites and businesses which I can make a comfortable living from. It all depends on the work that I put in, it’s all self taught so I take each day as a new step to learn something from.

  • q-iconBut why online?

    Well with making money online there is no limit is there? The websites are up 24/7 (hopefully!) so you can actually make money while you sleep. The catch is though, there is no guarantee you’ll ever make £0.01. I have experienced the glory days of the internet when you could fire up 50 websites and sit back and enjoy the money rolling in the very next day. The days have changed and it just doesn’t work like that now.

    Starting over is refreshing, with each failure comes an opportunity to learn, a chance to not make the same mistakes again.

Photography by Glen Sloss

My portfolio of my Aurora and Night Sky photograph can be viewed online at glensloss.com. Other photos are included too such as landscape and seascapes. Mainly focused on the Isle of Arran and my travels.

Solar Technology

Everyone's trying to be more efficient and save money on their bills. Solar Power is now at an appropriate level of efficeincy that it can help everyday households meet their power requirements. It's more dependable than wind power too... The Sun is a free power source after all!

Exercise and Fitness

Just getting started with a new fitness regime, or looking for new exercises to add to your workout? Have a browse of ExerciseFitnessHelp.com.

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