Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.


Its hard changing your life


when chasing your dreams you will encounter a lot of hardship. but don’t give up on your dream.


These videos are so well made, the music, the video, the speeches. Listen, and dream!


most people don’t work on their dreams for one reason. fear. they are scared of failure!


Sand Running – Barefoot

There’s many benefits to running on the beach in barefoot. It’s natural, fresh sea air, sunshine (hopefully!), freedom and its a workout like no other. As with everything you have to ease into it, your feet might not be accustomed to running or walking with out shoes so might be a little sensitive, espcially when […]

Be Fearless

Some people find a way to create their own luck, it’s these people that are successful. A scary hunger to succeed in whatever endeavor they seek. It’s time to revive that hunger in myself, chase my dreams! People often forget what they are good at… what their strengths are and focus too much on their […]


Military Press

Sometimes known as the Military Press, or Overhead Barbell press, is a great work out to try. The military press is a variation of the overhead pressweight training exercise using very strict form and no pre-movement momentum. The military press targets the deltoid muscles in the shoulders as well as the triceps. Additionally, it works […]

Homemade Barbell Squats

No need to pay for an expensive barbell set. Here’s one I made earlier, 2 tyres, and a hefty pipe. Popped a couple of clamps on the end to stop the tyres falling off. It’s not heavy maybe about 20kg but it’s enough to focus the muscles and think about technique as your doing it. […]



Pull up Progress

After a  month or so doing very little exercise it’s time to get back into it. Previously I started my Farmyard Fitness topic, and this continues that. I was hoping to work up to weighted pull ups by now, but  I’d only manage a few extra kg at the moment so once I can do […]

Pull ups and Chin Ups

I’ve never been the biggest or strongest out of the water. However as I seek to improve my swimming I need to do more dry land training, even just body weight exercises make the difference between having the power to really grip the water or just simply swimming at the same pace. One of the […]

Chin Up Bar

The Swimmer

“The Swimmer is a short film about a mans passion for swimming in the open sea and having complete freedom from everything else. Shortlisted in the MishMash competition run by Getty Images in 2012. Footage supplied by Getty Images Written, Edited, Narrated and Scored by Simon Banthorpe www.banhartfilms.co.uk”

Mer MASSH5 High Shine Shampoo

Treated my jeep to a proper wash with some mer high shine shampoo, it does what it says on the bottle. If you have a pressure washer with one of the soap attachments then you get some awesome foam coating your car Amazon.co.uk Widgets


Appropriate Tune of the Moment?

With all these storm surges and very high spring tides, I think it’s quite appropriate that this tune is one of my favourites just now! It is of course, DVBBS & Borgeous – TSUNAMI