Bellroy Wallet

It’s been years and years since I had a new wallet, and the one I was using was so old, it couldn’t quite fit £20 notes, never mind £50 or £100 notes! I had searched for a while looking for a neat compact design which worked. I searched for ages and came across a company […]

Fitter & Faster

The Sun shone once again on my tropical island, so that meant it was time to get on the beach again. This morning wasn’t the greatest weather wise so I hit the pool with a 1miler non stop, completed that in about 24 minutes. Not my fastest, but not bad considering I haven’t swam in […]

oakleys selfie

Summer Sun and Sea

Summer Holidays

Today’s the start of a new month, and for me that means my summer holidays! What a cracker of a day to start them off with too. Temperatures peaked at around 25C on Arran. Lots of people asked me if I was going anywhere when I was off, I just said nope, don’t need to! […]

Chasing my dream

The other night while I was on my walk home I glanced up at the sky to see a Boeing 747 just skim through the clouds above the hills. What a sight, if only I had a zoom lens for my Nikon d600!   Then a second later, the distinctive sound of the Jumbo echoed […]

jumbo jet

Seagate 1TB Hybrid SSHD

Hybrid Hard Disk upgrade and fan clean 2

Remember when you first got your new laptop? It was probably silent like mine but over time, dust and crap sticks to the fan blades and heat sink fins, disturbing the airflow and making the whole thing less efficient and noisier. Well i knew i needed to clean it so I waited until I got […]

Plyometric Push Ups

A recent addition to my fitness regime is the plyometric pushup, also known as the clapping push up. Doing it on the beach is probably not the ideal surface, as it absorbs some of the power when you push, but the plus side, it cushions some of the landing. so it’s a bit easier on […]

Plyometric work out


Battle Rope Body Conditioning

Here’s one you might not have heard of. Working out with Battle Ropes is like skipping for your upper body. Immense cardio and conditioning training, you will feel the burn in no time at all. and that’s what it’s about. If your working out and you dont feel anything, you haven’t pushed yourself hard enough. […]


Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.


Its hard changing your life


when chasing your dreams you will encounter a lot of hardship. but don’t give up on your dream.


These videos are so well made, the music, the video, the speeches. Listen, and dream!


most people don’t work on their dreams for one reason. fear. they are scared of failure!