My journey to self-employed income

Back from the wilderness.. pushed myself to my physical limits & saved lives…


he came, he swam, he conquered.


Well almost! Australia was great, but found it almost impossible to get work, so ended up coming back home, with new ideas and a revived motivation to succeed in my ventures. It’s time to make it happen.

Arran Weather

My weather station siutated on the Isle of Arran provides real time & historical data. It also has a few extras and 10 day forecasts for Arran.

Aurora Hunter on Arran

My photographic showcase site. users are able to order my photos in a multitude of different print styles and sizes to suit them and have them delivered to their door.

Currently able to offer topping services around the Isle of Arran using a the class David Brown 770 Selectamatic and a 4ft Amtex rotary topper

My Aerial Photographs of Arran. seperate from my commercial gallery so that it doesn’t get mixed up. Due to Law you can’t sell aerial photos without a CAA Permission

Stand Up Paddle boarding and Prone (lifesaving racing) Board paddle adventures around Arran and the West Coast of Scotland

My swimming forum from years ago, much neglected and spammed out of existance basically! The domain is worth keeping, so it’s something I will work with.


A Turnkey site I got for £10, got it as an experiment, monetised using ClickBank, haven’t done anything to the site, not even advertised it but it still gets regular visitors. I may experiment with advertising.

Nothing more rewarding than supporting family members reach their dreams. My neice, Jessica wants to become a full time farmer, there’s not a lot of money in farming so but blogging about Farm and Dog life we hope to make another income stream for her.

Back in the day I used to manage a Counter Strik 1.6 Clan. Online gaming is a great way to have a laugh with your friends. The SMF forum that powered the site, got spammed into extintion as well.

We joined forces with friends from Sweden, Norway, UK, France and Denmark. We are (were) (and maybe) Back With A Vengeance!

Other Domains This is my portfoilio of other domains I own, the majority of them are just domains with no websites attached to them…. yet! Ideally I want to have a sites on all the domains. and ideally making a minimum of £1 a day each where possible. A couple of the sites I run for a charity so no payment is taken or revenue earned from those domains.

Certainly lots of scope for growth, and I continue to keep an eye out for any bargain domains. I may even try to “flip” a domain or two. Obviously a domain is worth more when it has traffic…must find more traffic, I prefer my traffic to be organic, or social 🙂

Have you got any suggestions for things you’d like to see me work on?