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Follow my progress (or lack thereof at the moment!) of my journey to completing my flying licences.

jumbo jet

Chasing my dream

The other night while I was on my walk home I glanced up at the sky to see a Boeing 747 just skim through the clouds above the hills. What a sight, if only I had a zoom lens for my Nikon d600!   Then a second later, the distinctive sound of the Jumbo echoed…

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Cathay Pacific Cadet Selection

Well one week ago today, I was in London at the Cathay Pacfic Offices going though the tests and the interview for selection towards the Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot scheme. On Monday, a couple of people had heard good news from CX and and are jetting off to Hong Kong(HKG)  next week for round two.…

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Etihad Cadet Pilot Program 2010

Etihad Cadet Update

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my Etihad Cadet application process, but after the tests in London I was unsuccessful. There are rumours going around that only 9 people out of 600 picked for the tests got a “maybe”, that just shows you how hard the selection is, and quite right, so it should…

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Flying Fund. How many hits would it take to fulfill?

After being unsuccessful with my latest airline sponsorship selection test (only 9 out of 600 got a “maybe”!) I sat down and looked at my facts and figures for the past 4 months and tried to work out exaclty how much it would take for me to possible raise the money to pay my own…

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Etihad Cadet Pilot Sponsorship – Stage 1

On the 17th of February I’ll be jetting off to London to take part in the first round of tests for this years Etihad Cadet Pilot Scheme. Fingers crossed I’ll do my best on the day and will just have to wait and see what they think. A good nights rest before, and a good…

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The Year Ahead

I’ve been a bit slow in posting this, but its kind of my new years targets for 2009! Basically I never really did much in 2008 so now its time for change. Below is a list of targets which I hope to achieve this year. Some are related to my websites, some related to swimming,…

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Cadet Pilot Sponsorship

It took a month, but Etihad replied to my application for their Cadet Pilot Sponsorship scheme. Its easy to understand why it took them so long, this is by far the best offer of sponsorship for cadet pilots out there at the moment so there are literally thousands of applicants for those 12 highly valued…

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Fajja’s Flying Fund Launched!

Today (15th Sep 08) sees the official Launch of “Fajja’s Flying Fund“. It may seem cliche, but for as long as I can remember I have wanted to become an airline pilot. I have worked hard at school and put myself through Univeristy studying Aeronautical Engineering, and now I find myself so close to reaching…

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Airlines Offering Sponsorship

Well as you can see my flying fund isnt climbing very fast if at all! I have been trying different ways than the norm to earn extra money but it hasnt really taken off…yet! Since I don’t have the vast amount of cash required i have been trawling the interweb for airlines who sponsor people…

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Preparing for Flying School Interview (take 2)

Well it’s nearly time for me to head back to Bournemouth and try again to pass stage 3 of CTC’s selection procedure. In the past 18months I have taken in their feedback and tried as best as I could to answer each question they raised. Hopefully this time, I can prove I really do have…

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