My CTC Wings Cadet Application

Next week I am heading down to Bournemouth to do my selection tests for Phase 2 of my CTC wings Cadet Application. These consist of PILAPT aptitude tests, some mental arithmetic, and a question and answer session.

airbus a380

I have booked my flights with Ryanair and my hotel. I shall keep this site updated with my progress.In May I shall be going back out to Jerez to do my aptitude tests and interview for the Flight Training Europe School.

Stay tuned for more!

Current Progress:

Phase 1 Status: PASSED
Phase 2 Status: PASSED
Phase 3 Status: Unsuccessful
Phase 4 Status: N/A

I have recieved my feedback and I have also been invited back in 12 months time to try again, since they felt I was close to getting in, and might benefit from another year’s experience.

So for this year, I am going to apply to GAPAN for a PPL scholarship, apply to Globespan for a Cabin Crew position, and go work in Australia for a few months to prove i can handle the hours / work pattern required of a pilot and that i have the ability to relocate to the other side of the globe!

20 thoughts on “My CTC Wings Cadet Application

  1. Hey!
    Well done on passing. I’ve just qualified for my Phase 2. I’m about to book myself into a March slot.

    Can I just ask how was the test? I’ve searched high and low but can’t seem to get a definitive answer about what the test is like. Is it just like your normal numbers and verbal aptitude test or something more orientated towards piloting? Examples would be great!

    Anyhow, good luck with your Phase 3.



  2. Hi there, thanks for your comment. The maths is simple mental arithmetic. you get a pen and paper to work through it. its basic stuff like currency conversion and working out how much fuel is needed to flyi for a certain time.

    The other part of phase 2 is computer bases PILAPT test. It starts off simple enough but the last test is really quite something! The PILAPT tests include, deviation, pattern recognition, adaptive tracking and being able to tell if the man has a certain shape in a certain hand or not.

    The final part combines 3 of the previous parts you will have done in the test.

    I went to Phase 3 @ Bournemouth but was unsuccessful πŸ™ Just waiting on getting feedback so that I can improve for the next time, which is another year away.

    Good luck with your Application!

  3. hiya how are you well done for your achievement, im currently 15 years of age andw ill be 16 in 12 days,i am thinking of applying for the aponsered cadet scheme do you think it is a good idea, and does the selection phases still apply for the cadet shceme, also it there any other companys you know of that also do these sponsered training
    Kind regards

  4. Hi there, happy birthday when it comes!
    I had a look on ctc wings site, i couldnt find it but im 99% certain you have to be at least 18 years of age for these schemes. I don’t think they’d like to send a 16 year old to the other side of the world!
    But certainly send them an email ask a few questions and register your interest with them.
    The selection phases apply for ALL applicants, they want to be sure to only take on people who have the right attitude and aptitude for training and eventually working. There are a few other schemes popping up, i shall add a post when i find a few πŸ™‚

    thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for the reply i have enquired about CTC wing cadets and yes you have to be 18 to apply, For the cadets scheme it states “if you have little or no experiecen at all” which is me,how would i know the questions for the aptitude test ect.. i am trying to study maths and pyshic next year which will bea t help but for e.g questions like how much fuel would you need for a certain amount of time flying ?
    KInd regards

  6. callumriseley

    What grades did you get at GCSE and which A levels did you take? Also do you know where I can find example Pilot Aptitude questions?


  7. I did Scottish Standard Grades then highers, got 5 ones and 3 twos at standard grade then 3 B’s and 2 C’s at higher, and a C at an advanced higher. all in mathematical/physics/technology type subjects.
    I then went onto getting a BSc in aeronautical engineering.
    The kind of questions I have done in my interviews have been long division, multiplication, time calculations ( all without a calculator) and the PILAPT test you can’t really practise for it. Through the test you get 3 goes at most of the sections and the purpose of the test is to test your ability to learn, so on each go your score should go up πŸ™‚
    Have a look on for more peoples aptitude test experiences, and good luck!

  8. Hi there, sorry to hear that you didn’t make it past the interview, but good news about being able to go back in 12months time. I hope you get in. You seem to be doing a lot of work in order to reach your dream.

    I have my phase 2 coming up in september…not long now eek. I’ve really been concentrating on my maths. This is due to FTE sending me a revision guide with their email saying that I should revise this that and the other. I see that you are going to Jerez to sit a test with them also. Is the CTC math test much like the FTE revision material? I’m guessing that you have got the same material sent through. Getting really excited about it now…only 3 more weeks.

    All the best

  9. Hi I am planning to do the entrance tests with CTC wings in about a years time and if I pass doing it all self funded. has anyone got any good tips on how to prepare for the tests.
    Thanks Simon

  10. Sorry to hear you didn’t pass phase 3 but congrats on passing the other phases! They can be quite difficult. I also applied for the CTC wings programme this year and managed to pass all stages, I agree with you that the final aptitude test is challenging. However compared to other selection processes such as the one needed to be accepted by OAA I’d say it was quite enjoyable, the maths Is fairly straight forward and the pen and paper really do help! To anyone taking the aptitude tests I’d recommend to read the instructions carefully and take your time, they aren’t looking for an amazing score first time, they want to see you’ve made an improvement over the 3 attempts, so keep that in mind! When it comes to the group exercise I’ve found it’s best to make yourself heard but don’t overpower others! Include everybody in the discussions/tasks and work well as a team. I will say time management is a big thing they look for! So keep an eye on the clock! If you’re invited back for an interview then be confident! Definitely have an answer to the most frequently asked question… So why have you chosen to become a pilot? I’m certain that will pop up! The staff are very friendly and it’s a relaxed interview just be yourself and DO NOT look out of the window! hahaa.

    Good luck to anyone who’s applying! I start in December and can’t wait!

    • Try contacting them now? They have completely redone their website which went live on 2nd Feb 2012. The old website is still available for a short time too. I’m sure if you send them a message on their twitter or facebook they will respond to your query faster πŸ™‚ fingers crossed!

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