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Some of you may know that i’m not one for doing nothing in my spare time. I have now decided i’m going to learn a couple of languages. Swedish and Spanish are the first ones, I can already speak french pretty ok, but nothing special!

First I shall be learning Swedish.Heres a few words and phrases for starters:


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English Svenska  
Hello Hej http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/hej.mp3
Yo Tjena http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/tjena.mp3
Goodbye Hej da http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/hejda.mp3
Thanks/Please Tack http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/tack.mp3
How are you? Hur mar du? http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/hurmardu.mp3
I am fine Jag mar bra http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/jagmarbra.mp3
0 noll
1 ett
2 tva
3 tre http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/tre.mp3
4 fyra http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/fyra.mp3
5 fem http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/fem.mp3
6 sex http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/sex.mp3
7 sju http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/sju.mp3
8 atta http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/atta.mp3
9 nio http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/nio.mp3
10 tio http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/tio.mp3
11 elva http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/elva.mp3
12 tolv http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/tolv.mp3
13 tretton http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/tretton.mp3
14 fjorton http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/fjorton.mp3
15 femton http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/femton.mp3
16 sexton http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/sexton.mp3
17 sheuton http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/sheuton.mp3
18 arton http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/arton.mp3
19 nitton http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/nitton.mp3
20 tjugo http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/tjugo.mp3
100 hundra http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/hundra.mp3
1000 ett tusen http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/etttusen.mp3
1,000,000 en miljon http://www.gsinfo.co.uk/swedish/enmiljon.mp3

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